Melody Cheung

I am Melody.

I am a UX Designer determined to use my curiosity and empathy to improve people's life.

My Photography

I love photography. I believe it really helps me as a UX designer to discover more information during research phase and to develop a more well-rounded solution! Did you just ask why? That’s because taking good photos requires a heightened level of awareness of everything from people, nature to objects, which is the first rule of UX design: EMPATHY! When I travel, I typically spent over half of my time “saving up” moments that inspire me. This is especially true when I go solo. A lot of my photographs focus on capturing people’s gestures, expressions & postures or the serenity given by our mother nature. Recently I’ve also experimented abstract form of photography where there’s more space for imaginations.

Below are selected photos from my travel, feel free to use them, as long as you give me credits! :)