Melody Cheung

Streamlined Discovery Flow

Trip finding flow redesigned to inspire more Outdoor Adventure

Outsoul Discovery Flow


May, 2016

Business goals

Outsoul is facing a problem with high bounce rate on the landing page and they are also seeking to add a direct booking component to their existing mobile web.

Team & Duration

I spent 2.5 weeks working with 2 designers. My focus was on research, UI Design and content strategy.

Tools & Methods

Interface Design in SketchApp; User Interview; Business Analysis; Research planning; Journey Mapping; User personas; Usability testing.

The Problems

"This doesn't feel like an Outdoor Adventure site to me!"

We conducted a usability test on Outsoul's website, we found that:

  1. A centralized place to find outdoor adventure guides is well-received by many Outdoor Adventurers. However,
  2. Many users did not perceive Outsoul was an outdoor adventurer site upon the first few glances.
  3. Many users were confused initially when they were redirected to other sites for booking.

User goals & needs

"I want to book a trusted guide efficiently so that I can enjoy doing something cool!"

We surveyed about a hundred people, conducted 6 in-person interviews with Outdoor Adventurers and sifted through secondary data and to uncover valuable insights.

Interviewing John
One of the persons we interviewed had extensive experience in hardcore Outdoor Activities (e.g. backcountry skiing, rock climbing etc.) His valuable insights helped us to get into the mindset of an outdoor adventurer!
Outsoul Interview Guide
Outsoul User Interview Guide that aims to find out all things that drive a person to do Outdoor Adventures. (click to see original guide)
Outsoul Secondary Research
We consulted many studies/reports over Outdoor Recreation (two of them are shown above), they helped us to get a better understanding of the demographics of Outdoor Adventurers which inform our decisions while creating our personas.

Using a method called Affinity Mapping, we distilled the research data into a few insights:

  1. They want to impress others.
  2. They want to feel like they've accomplished something higher.
  3. Finding Outdoor Adventure Guides is traditionally a very tedious and time-consuming task.
  4. It's very important to find guides they can trust.

Based on the research data, we identified two distinct types of users -- hardcore outdoor adventurer and free spirited millennial

Persona - Ken
Hardcore Adventurer Ken (Click on the image to see full size)
Persona - Junie
Free-spirited Millennial Junie (Click on the image to see full size)

Positioning Outsoul

We identified some competitors / comparable businesses and performed an analysis. The three key elements we looked at were:

  1. Market (Leisure travel vs Adventure travel)
  2. The organization of the information on their websites (Organized vs Disorganized)
  3. Branding (Inspiring vs dull)
Competitive & Comparative Analysis
Comparative & Competitive Analysis for Outsoul (P:Peek; Vi:Viator; Va:Vayable; Z:Zozi; AC: Adventure Central; GH: GuideHire; R:REI Adventure)

This analysis helped us to determine that Outsoul would be an adventure oriented trip-booking site that is organized and inspiring.

Our Approach

An intuitive flow that puts users in the adventure mode and brings them to suitable trips efficiently!

A Thrilling Landing Page
Outsoul landing page
Thrilling Landing Page

  1. Hero Images
    Images in the slider contains action shots that showcase things that users can accomplish with Outsoul.
  2. Headline
    A headline using language related to adventure or aiming to inspire thrill-seeking experiences. In this case, the word “discover” inspires adventure.
  3. Section Title
    Same as #2, the word “explore” aims to inspire for an adventure.
  4. Call-to-Action
    The very discoverable Call-to-Action button is in golden-yellow. It brings an energetic and adventurous spirit to the design.

Curated Trips Based on Users' Stories
Outsoul curated trips
Curated Trips

Others' "cool stories" always motivate people to go on an adventure. So we grouped the trips based on story themes to inspire users.

Search Trips based on Adventure Style

Not interested in trips that are not challenging? No problem! Users can easily narrow down their search results to only trips that are for hardcore outdoor adventurers.

Trip Filter
User like Ken can use this filter to quickly get to trips that suit him.
Trip Tiles Provide the most Relevant Information

Based on the deciding factors of booking a trip, we prioritized information on the trip tiles to help users to find their their favorite trips in the most efficient way possible.

Trip Tiles
Price and popularity on trip tile to help users to make decision quickly.

Future Recommendation

A positive first step but more things remain to be improved!

As of writing this, Outsoul was still working on building the backend functions that would allow users to book guided trips on Outsoul directly. While handing off the deliverables to Outsoul, we also recommended a few next steps to them, that included:

  1. conducting indepth research on the users of each individual activity offered on Outsoul because there are clear differences between users of these activities.
  2. offering pre-trip as well as post-trip services (instead of just booking service) so that Outsoul can have full control of the quality of the whole user experience.