Melody Cheung

Material UI Design Challenge

Personal Project

August, 2016 - Present


This project is to design an UI element per day using Material Design Principle for 100 days. The UI prompts are provided by Daily UI. I will update this page regularly until I complete all 100 challenges.


I have 2 main goals for this project:

  1. To study closely the user & business goals of different UI elements.
  2. To get myself 100% familiar with Material Design Principle.

Tools & Methods

Material UI Design; Sketch; Visual Design

Day 13 - Direct Messaging

Direct Messaging
Customer Service Chatbot!

Day 12 - E-commerce Shop (Single Item)

* I am posting a non-material UI design today because I found it difficult to design an elegant e-commerce page with Material Design Principle. But you can still find the Material version in the thumbnail below this image!
E-commerce Shop
Fashion E-commerce Shop

Day 10 - Social Share Button

Social Share Button
Social Share Button at a Fashion Style Inspiration Site

Day 9 - Music Player

Music Player
Redesigning Pandora's Music Player

Day 8 - 404


Day 7 - Settings


Day 6 - Profile Page

Profile Page

Day 5 - App Icon

** I am posting two versions of of the same app icon design because I noticed the png exported from Sketch was significantly more saturated than the original file (see screenshot at the bottom). It's apparently a known issue that Sketch hasn't been able to fix yet. Be reminded, designers!
App Icon
Sketch PNG Export
App Icon

Day 3 - Landing Page (Above the fold)

Landing Page

Day 2 - Credit Card Form

Credit Card Form

Day 1 - Sign Up Form

Sign Up Form